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celebrity trivia (beta1)
How well do you know them?
1) : Scarlett Johansson
2) : Vince Chase
3) : Gisele Bundchen
4) : The Pussycat Dolls
5) : Taylor Swift

Created on August 07, 2011
# of questions: 6


1) What movie does Nicolas Cage plays Benjamin Franklin Gates, a treasure hunter that decodes riddles and follow clues left by the country's forefather to find treasures? : National Treasure
2) What movie stars Haley Joel Osment as a troubled, isolated boy who is able to see and talk to dead people : The Sixth Sense
3) Johnny Depp starred in a tale of a cursed pirate ship that sailed across what sea? : Caribbean Sea
4) What was the name of the movie Tom Cruise played Ethan Hunt an undercover agent who's mission is to uncover the mole within the CIA who has framed him for the murders of his entire IMF team? : Mission Impossible
5) What actor plays Detective John McClane in the Die Hard series? : Bruce Willis

Created on August 05, 2011
# of questions: 6


1) Fidgeting can burn ____ calories a day. : 350
2) Strawberries are the first fruits to become ripe in the spring. : True
3) A pound of corn consists of approximately 2,300 kernels. : False
4) Each American consumes, on average, ___ pounds of bread per year : 53
5) Sugar makes food last longer : True

Created on August 05, 2011
# of questions: 6


1) Which organ in the human body is responsible for cleaning fifty gallons of blood every day : Kidneys
2) What is the most common element found in the human body : Oxygen Oxygen atom pictured below
3) Which of the following living animal has the heaviest brain : Sperm Whale
4) Unlike most other fish, sharks have no : Bones
5) A salamander is a warm-blooded animal : True

Created on August 05, 2011
# of questions: 6


1) The tallest mountain on Earth is : Mount Everest
2) Turkey is a part of which Continent : Europe
3) The Caribbean consists of how many islands : More than 7,000
4) The Pacific Ocean covers almost a third of the Earth's surface : True
5) About two-thirds of Africa is in the Northern Hemisphere : False

Created on August 05, 2011
# of questions: 9

QuizMEOnline Knowledge

1) You can create and join study groups, add as many people in a study group as you want, and share quizzes with your group : True
2) What types of study material can you create online? : Quizzes Notes Flashcards
3) How can your study material be organized on QuizMEOnline? : Private, Public, Groups or Classes
4) Flashcards can be converted into quizzes... : True

Created on August 05, 2011
# of questions: 4

test image

1) What type of pizza is this? : Pepporoni

Created on August 05, 2011
# of questions: 1

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