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golden wolf

1) what do the Officer & Enlisted evaluation systems (OES/EES) establish, with regards to ratees? : performance standards & expectations for ratees, meaningful feedback on how well ratees meet expectations & direction on how to better meet expectations.
2) officer & enlisted evaluation systems (OES/EES) training was implemented in may____? : 1996.
3) Performance evaluations may be handwritten only when authorized. Who is exempt from this directive? : The president & vice president.
4) How many evaluators are required for AB-Tsgt evaluations? : No more than 3. (the rater-additional rater-force distributor)
5) T or F If the final approval authority denies the senior rater's request to waive the mandatory requirement to document civilian convictions, Comments on criminal behavior must be included? : True
Created on: 4/17/2019
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