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Government Final

1) What are the two different houses of Congress. Describe them. : House of Representatives- made up of 441 members, serving two year terms. Majority party elects Speaker of the House. Senate- made up of 100 members, serving 6 year terms.
2) Name the two different ways that the Senate can keep a bill from being passed : Legislative hold- Informal way a senator can prevent a bill from reaching the senate floor. Filibuster- Rule unique to the US, allows a Senator to hold the floor indefinitely, delaying a vote on a bill. Bonus: Only way to stop a filibuster is a Cloture, which is when 60 senators vote to end it.
3) What are the roles of the House? : The budget originates in the House. Holds the power of impeachment
4) What are the roles of the Senate? : Senate holds a trial to determine whether or not to honor the impeachment of the House. Senate must approve treaties that the president makes with other countries. Has the power to review presidential appointments.
5) Three types of representation? : Geographic representation, Substantive representation, Descriptive representation
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