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History & Application

1) Goals of psychology : Describe, explain, predict, control
2) Brain areas & functions associated with Schizophrenia : Frontal lobe - problem solving Basal Ganglia - movement & motor etc Auditory system - hearing - hallucinations(voices) Occipital system - vision hippocampus - learning & memory - simply doesn't work
3) Applied Psych. : Use of perspectives: Biological; Behavioristic; cognitivism; Evolutionary; Sociocultural
4) Broaden & Built theory : Broaden effect: birds-eye view; alternative solutions Build effect: physical, intellectual & social resources Undoing effect: quells cardiovascular after-effects of neg. emotion
5) Sustainable happiness model : Pos. Activity can affect pos. emotions what leads to well-being, as well as just lead to well-being itself. Another factor is the person-activity fit
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This flashcard is hosted by QuizMEOnline
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