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psych test

chapter 11
1) The social psychologist who is best known for his pioneering studies of conformity is? : Asch
2) Twenty Wallonians were arrested for nonviolent crimes, whereas 20 Pireaneans were arrested for violent crimes. The tendency to judge that more crimes were committed by Pireaneans than by Wallonians best illustrates the power of... : vivid cases
3) Parker thinks smoking is addictive but other players on his hockey team insist that it's not. Parker is likely to conform to their opinion if... : he feels insecure in his role as a new team member
4) On the first day of class, Tamara's professor gives brief and abrupt answers to students' questions. Tamara thinks that her new professor is rude. This ________ will likely influence her to act negatively toward her professor. : attitude
5) During deliberations on a rape case, some of the jurors commented that the victim had a history of going out to various bars and had been dressed too provocatively. Looking like that, they believed, she invited unwanted attention. The jurors' comments are best explained in terms of... : the just world phenomenon
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