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1) Supergroup Excavata : Phylum Diplomonada Phylum Parabasala Phylum Euglenozoa
2) Phylum Diplomonada : No mitochondria or plastid Anaerobic environment Parsitic 2 nuclei and multiple flagella Giardia lambella- contaminated water, causes diarrhea.
3) Phylum Parabasala : modified mitochondria and no plastid anaerobic environment parasitic Trichomonas vaginalis- sexually transmitted, causes vaginitis
4) Phylum Euglenozoa : Subphylum Euglenida Subphylum Kinetoplasta
5) Subphylum Euglenida : Euglena viralis- various organelle, mixotroph, freshwater or ponds, eyespot for photoreceptor, contractile vacuole for pumping out water, pellicle as thin membrane
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This flashcard is hosted by QuizMEOnline
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